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Structural Beams

Basement {Repair Services

Basement Foundation Repair: If you have a crack in your foundation walls it's important not to ignore this problem. It might not seem like a big deal at the present time, but these cracks tend to grow in time and eventually will lead to detrimental and costly issues for your home.

Cracks in your basement walls can eventually lead to significant water damage and negatively affect your home value.  It is important to address your homes foundations cracks before too much damage is caused, basement wall repair is one of the most important home repairs you will ever make.

Your basement walls might show signs of bowing, this is most commonly caused by hydrostatic pressure (pressure that develops around your home when soil is saturated, then expands and pushes against your foundation.) Normal groundwater, storm runoff or improper drainage can all significantly impact your homes foundation and cause these walls to bow.

Fixing foundation bowing is of the most importance, this is because your basement walls are your most critical foundation piece. All other aspects of your home rest on your foundation. Once these walls bow or bulge your whole homes stability is compromised. If you notice signs of your basement walls bowing it is in your best interest to act fast, as waiting and allowing this problem to progress only becomes more dangerous and costly to repair.

Repairing your homes foundation with Jay Ice is easy, our experts will be with you each step of the way, explaining your options and walking you through installation. Repairing your foundation may include Installation Structural Beams, Epoxy Injections pushing your wall plum with Exterior Excavation, or even simple Tuck Pointing.

Basement {Waterproofing

There are many signs your basement is in need of waterproofing some of which are water staining/ leaky basement floor or walls, condensation buildup on basement windows or doors, that damp smell that does smell to go away and even visual confirmation of mold.


If you are experiencing any of these issues in your basement it is best to call Jay Ice and have your basement properly evaluated. Our experts will come and develop a plan to keep your family healthy and your belongings safe from water damage.

Depending on the severity of your situation we may suggest a variety of waterproofing remedy's. These may include Interior Drain Tile Replacement, Exterior Excavation for Waterproofing, Installation of a Sump Pump, or even just some Exterior Grading.  


Egress Window {Installation

Not only does having an egress window increase your homes value by allowing you to fully utilize your basement space it also adds ventilation to improve your home air quality, and allows ample natural light to enter your basement.


These windows provide opportunity of an escape route if there is ever a fire in your home. When considering the cost to add an egress window to basement know you create an opportunity to make a return investment ten to twenty times of what you spend on the window. 

Jay Ice are the experts in egress window contractors. We use Rockwell Window Wells, a 48x48 vinyl slider energy efficient window from Bliffert Lumber, and top of the line lumber and sealing materials. Our installation process is fast and easy, call today and start transforming your basement into the basement of your dreams. 

Let's Work Together

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