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Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile is installed to keep your basement dry and divert water away from your home's foundation. Because basements are below the ground they are most susceptible to water intrusion. When the soil around your home becomes oversaturated with water and cannot drain off it will find a way into your basement. Thus causing a build up of excess water moisture, efflorescence and mold. An Interior Drain Tile System is necessary so that water leaking into your basement can be diverted out of your home.

The first thing to understand about Drain Tile Systems is Hydrostatic Pressure. Hydrostatic Pressure builds up when the soil outside your foundation walls or under the slab gets saturated with water that can’t drain off. The water then creates a pressure and pushes against your foundation walls and/or floor. This pressure forces moisture through your walls or floors creating cracks or causing your walls to bow. Basement Drain Tile Systems prevent Hydrostatic Pressure by diverting this excess water away from your foundation.

The Interior Drain Tile System goes underneath your basement floor. It prevents Hydrostatic Pressure from building up in your basement walls or under your concrete floor by directing excess water in the soil and away from your home's foundation. When Jay Ice Foundation Repair installs an Interior Drain Tile System we make sure the process is fast, simple and is minimally disruptive to your home. Our process has been used for years, it is proven and effective.

Installing Interior Drain Tile:

Step One: Break open your basement floor with a Jack Hammer. We remove approx. 12 inches of the floor where the wall meets the floor.

Step Two: Dig a trench around the perimeter of your basement. We remove all old concrete and debris exposing your basement footing.

Step Three: Holes are then drilled into the voids of your concrete block to help channel water through your walls and into our Drain Tile System. These holes are most commonly called “Weep Holes”. We also flush your walls to remove excess debris that could be built up in your walls.

Step Four: Once your walls are flushing clean and there are no more blockages in your walls we install a 4 inch perforated Drain Tile Pipe. The perforated pipe will now collect excess moisture in the soil under the slab and direct it away from the foundation, either via gravity or a sump pump.

Step Five: We then install MTI Drainage Board over your weep holes. This beaver-like board allows water from your Weep Holes in your walls to flow freely into your Interior Drain Tile System, under your concrete floor, and out through your Sump Basin.

Step Six: We fill the trench with #1 stone and replace your concrete floor.

If you are experiencing any excess water or moisture, cracking or bowing symptoms in your basement call Jay Ice Foundation Repair for a free estimate today!

Interior Drain Tile System
Interior Drain Tile System with Sump Pump


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